Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fancy meeting you here!

So, I use google analytics to be nosey and keep track of how many people click on my blog (answer: 4 ;-), it also tells you what pages are viewed and where people came from (if they clicked in from other blogs, etc). But, the thing that never fails to be entertaining is the search terms people use that result in finding me, because seriously, they are nothing you would ever expect. Here are a sampling from the last month or so that will be like a nice little year end retrospective

#1- the most popular is, no surprise, some variation on 'yellowfish'. Unfortunately, I do not appear to be the yellowfish they want. I know this because the terms are things like "how to cook yellow fish", "biggest recorded yellowfish", "i am a little yellow fish" and "yellowfish campaign" (campaign for what??). Typically these people seem to be looking for actual information about some kind of actual yellow fish. I don't have the heart to tell them that 1. I know very little about fish, 2. there is essentially no fish related content here, and 3. this blog was named for an actual fish I had for a long time, creatively named "yellow fish" because he is yellow, who met his demise right before I started this (he had lived a super long time and I was very bummed).

#2 The next big category this month was the NYT peppermint candy recipe, which people seemed to be specifically looking for. Why they don't look on the actual NYT page, I don't know, but at least the recipe is here! I feel less guilt ridden about this one.

#3 The most hilarious, by far, is also the most consistent. There appear to be a LOT of people trying to learn about the Children of the Corn. The crazy thing is, I posted on that more than a year ago. And yet, people still find it- most of the time they are searching for some variation of "children of the corn blonde".... what could they be wanting to know??

And, some remaining miscellaneous favorites are... "famous monobrows"/ "pictures of monobrows"/ "photos of monobrows, which could only be from this post on (photo from

"flickr no pants day", which could only be from this post on No Pants Day

"fruit of the loom underwear ads butterflies" which I can only assume resulted from someone as confused as I was about this ad campaign...

"crapi apartments"- which must be someone in my neighborhood

and for some final holiday spirit... "ice carving of snowman" which must have found my little lab-ice snowman captured on my cell phone...

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H said...

I also use "google analytics"... it rocks!


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