Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Super awesome first sale necklace

This necklace has a special place in my heart. Partly because I just really liked it, and thought the beads were cool (although, the idea of using something with words I can't read always makes me a bit nervous... hopefully it didn't say anything in particular). But, the real reason is that this was my first sale on etsy! Getting the email about this was what lead me to dance around my office for a while (thank goodness for office mates who work from home!) and then proceed to gloat for the rest of the day. Obviously I've managed to get over myself by now, but its still an awesome feeling to get those emails!!


Nora said...

Congratulations on your first etsy sale! Here is to many many more!

w said...

congrats on your first sale. :)

AngelicQuirk said...

Congrats! :D


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