Saturday, February 23, 2008


Well, my crafty life has undergone a makeover, courtesy of a massive bout of spring cleaning and a new table from Craigslist! Here is the old area where I kept my stuff-- I have a studio apartment, space is tight! (of course, this picture is also taken on the messiest day ever)...

AND... here is my new work area! Taaaa-daaa!

See? Much better! And, in honor of that, I made some new earrings- I liked them so much I made one for me and one for etsy!


Bridget said...

great job on cleaning up your studio space.
hugs & good karma,
Bridget ♥

Chocolate and Steel said...

wow, where did it all go? It looks like you have so much more space to work now.

saffron said...

wow you're good! Your studio looks wonderful! I'm in the process of doing the same thing, but I doubt mine will ever look as good as yours!!

Hook It Up! Jewelry said...

Beautiful earrings!! So sad I could not heart them at etsy, since the had already sold (congrats :)


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