Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ode to: Spicy Thai Potato Chips

I have decided that, since I can post about whatever I want, I am going to make a giant list of things I think are awesome. Since I can also put things where-ever I want, I believe that it will be an actual list that will go on the left side over there once I get myself organized. So. Keep your eye out. Number one on my list is my favorite find of the summer... Kettle Chips Spicy Thai Potato Chips.

I can't decide how to best express their awesomeness, so I believe I will attempt it via haiku
(hold on to your hats):

Crunchy spicy sweet

Fried potato yummy

Eat the last small crumbs

Now, keep your eye's peeled for new additions to the list... coming soon...


AngelicQuirk said...

I would love to try this..Not sure if they have this here.
haha..gonna hunt for it this weekend during grocery shopping :P

yellowfish said...

do it! you won't regret it... its like a red bag of pure awesomeness...


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