Wednesday, October 17, 2007

(Not so?) Little Cat

Well, as long as I'm getting going, introducing things, blah blah blah, I better get this out of the way. This stunning creature is Charlotte, my affectionate, drooly, slightly tubby cat. The main reason this is of great import is that, other than many many drafts of pictures of jewelry, pictures of Charlotte are responsible for using up the other half of my camera batteries. If only she won't so photogenic, I might be able to resist her charms. Here you can see her modeling two of her favorite poses ("Superman Charlotte" and "Cat in a Bag")... we watch a lot of America's Next Top Model re-runs together, so she gets a lot of tips.
.(Charlotte came from Kitten Rescue, which you can check out here)


Samaria Project said...

Love her! She is the cutest!

sock puppet said...

"sightly tubby"

sock puppet said...

and when i say sightly i mean SLIGHTLY.

man. nothing like trying to make a snarky comment and then looking like the dumbass yourself ;)

yellowfish said...

ha. see. that is the wrath of Charlotte foiling your attempts. "sightly tubby" indeed.

Becca said...

she's very pretty!

*proud owner of an equally tubby cat*


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