Sunday, March 22, 2009

Makeover time!

I have had a table next to my couch, hidden until magazines and candles, and random table-next-to-the-couch-stuff. The unfortunate truth about this table is that it is very very ugly. It was rescued from the hallways at work where someone had been using it as printer table. This is a utilitarian table, designed solely to be hidden under more important things. Its kind of sad, really.

The other day, I got a craft urge, which for some reason is the kind of thing that happens to me when I am very stressed and busy. Like, I have 3 free hours, I'm going to decorate a table! And decorate I did. Now to be very straight forward, I have no experience in this, I had no idea what materials to use, and didn't even know what the thing I wanted to do was called. Cue the etsy message boards, where you can get advice on pretty much anything. They told me that it was called decoupage. Now really, many people take this to the level of an art form, and you can make really amazing things. I have made something much less fancy, but I'll say, I think its pretty cute. I used ModPodge and a LOT of squares of paper. I was going for a kind of funky, non-perfect look which is fortunate because I don't appear to be capable of cutting paper even remotely straight.

At any rate, here is the result- it even matches my red themed living room! Check it out! I have to seal it, but haven't decided on the perfect way to do it (I got a lot of conflicting info). Anyone with any ideas by all means let me know! No more boring table, thats for sure!!


Anonymous said...

It's definitely a much brighter piece of furniture! I'm not sure about sealing. I've never decoupaged funiture and I'd think you'd want to think about hot and cold things on the surface. I would check out google and look for decoupage for furniture:)

Fashionably Adorned said...

very cool!!! can't you just paint on some sealer? that's what I would do.

have a good one!

365 Letters said...

Great job! And, I love the recipes on your blog. I'll be back!


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