Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday Cinema Revelation II: Children of the Corn

So, its late Sunday afternoon meaning its time for Charlotte and I to catch a horrifically bad 80's movie (we don't like sports, we like this). So, I passed some movie with Linda Hamilton and that guy who used to be on thirtysomething, driving through corn, and realized it was Children of the Corn. It occurred to me all of a sudden, that Draco Malfoy really looks remarkably like one of the children of the corn who somehow escaped into the wrong movie... then as the movie proceeded, I found something out. Everyone just THINKS the children of the corn are all freaky blonde kids. Turns out, they are all just freaky regular kids. After much googling, and running across false Children of the Corn blondie references, I feel the need to set the record straight. The Children of the Corn aren't blonde, but the Village of the Damned kids most definitely are. Not only that, but that movie (which is from 1995 and, incidentally, apparently stars not only Kirstie Alley and Christopher Reeves, but also the lady from Crocodile Dundee) is actually a remake of a waaay older movie from the 60s, which I'm pretty sure I'm going to need to netflix, based on this picture from the wikipedia page. There. That should set the record straight.


femputer said...

too many freaky kids to keep them all straight! hehe

yellowfish said...

seriously, waaaaay to many!


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