Thursday, November 8, 2007

She's crafty...

Well, today is a good day because it marks the triumphant return of my trusty computer (RIP: hard drive AND ram, wahh). Unfortunately in addition to being computerless, I have also been un-crafty (because enough days in a row without constant email access and a Go Fug Yourself fix will sap anyone's spirit), but before I totally lost the fire, I made these earrings.

I've been on this kick of making twisty wire pieces because I like making them so they hang sort of wrapped around each other but don't actually touch, which can take some tweaking (and occasionally some swearing and tossing about of wire scraps in a way reminiscent of the Swedish Chef). I really like them... plus, I also love the way the picture came out, so thought I'd give it a bit of a shameless plug.

1 comment:

femputer said...

cool earrings! I dig the twisting!


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