Monday, February 2, 2009

Is this Superbowl Food?

This year I took a break from the Superbowl (although, I did end up watching the end, which was very exciting even for me).

Instead, I made this: Red Lentil Cauliflower Curry and Poppy Seed Roti (from Veganomicon, again). Generally, it went well. The curry is basically red lentils, onion, a wide variety of spices parsnip (to be fair: I do not know the difference between a parsnip and a turnip, never having eaten them growing up. I used one of the two and it worked beautifully. I am also too lazy to google it and determine which one the thing in my fridge actually was, since I'd forgotten since I bought it. It was kind of a supporting player, at any rate). So, the curry was delish! (picture to come). It made a ton and I would totally make it again.

The roti... now, the roti was another story. It was all very promising, and I was so psyched about the results of my previous pita bread efforts, I was very optimistic. Basically, the ingredients are simple (whole wheat flour, cornmeal, poppyseeds, corriander seeds, and a bit of oil. The process of making them, not so easy. It involved a lot of rolling and folding and brushing with oil, over and over. Then, you cook them on a hot pan. I'm not entirely sure whether I did something wrong, or whether this is how they are, but they never puffed up and were just sort of tough. They were ok, but not really worth the effort (sad!).

Here are the roti in their nascent state:

And, here is the whole deal (with brown rice):


April Ellis said...

Looks good though! Parsnips are like big white carrots and turnips are round. Love them both but Parsnips are easier to peel, I always end up with various injuries when preparing turnip.

I'm so hungry!

Tea said...

It is tricky to get the roti right. I try and avoid making anything 'bread like', and end up buying it ;) mmm you made me hungry!


yellowfish said...

hmmm, thanks. That makes me think it was a turnip- it was definitely round and difficult to cut/peel. I don't even remember why I bought it- I bought 2, and this one has been sitting in there for a while (I think I roasted the other one during my vegetable roasting kick when I would wander the produce area looking for things to roast).

So, I guess the take home message is turnips work too and I'm sure any other bland root vegetable type thing would do just as well!

Pam said...

Not your typical superbowl food but it looks tasty.

Katrina said...

Hey - remember when we went ice-skating on your birthday (which happened to be Superbowl Sunday) and your parents got interviewed on the news? I believe it was a story about the only people on the planet who don't watch the Superbowl... :-)

yellowfish said...

haaahaha. yes! my birthday is always foiled by the Superbowl!

I totally remember that ice skating party :). I also found out recently that when the reporter asked my Dad why he wasn't watching the superbowl he said he had always been "a-sportsual" and so he didn't like football. He does like the puns though...

heidi said...

awesome. we LOVE roti! I've never tried to make them though.


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