Saturday, January 31, 2009

Brand New Life Experience.

I love it when you get to do some completely random thing that you've never done before, and never really even thought about as something you want to do. I love it even when these things are, by all accounts, pretty minor. In the category of things I've never done before, that I didn't know I wanted to do, is sleep in one of these (I went away for work. This was my hotel room).

I get in there.. what does it look like?

Then its time for bed, and what does it look like then?
See? See! A murphy bed! I never gave them much thought, but it was hilariously nifty.

In addition, I got my payback for my recent posts (here and here) in which I gloat about the lovely LA weather. Because, this is what it looked like where I went. It was actually 0 degrees almost the entire time. ZERO DEGREES! I'll say this, that is very very chilly.

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Banana-head Pancake said...

wow! I've never seen one in real life - I would be excited too!


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