Sunday, September 12, 2010

A New Adventure: CSA Box!

Something is afoot, and I'm not going to lie, Charlotte and I are pretty pumped about it. OK, that might be a little white lie because I'm having some amount of trouble getting her properly enthused.

Whats up? I finally, after quite a while of looking, found a CSA to support. For those LA area people who might be interested, the one I found is the South Central Farmers Cooperative Community Supported Agriculture, the main feature it had that the other ones didn't is that you can sign up each week as you want to- which, since I am not a family of 4, means that if it takes me more than a week to eat everything, I'm not buried in a hailstorm of kale (a scenario I imagine somewhat like this scene from the Simpsons of Homer eating donuts in hell, around minute 2 in this video). ANYWAYS... I got my first box this week! Check out the bounty...
I've already busted into the cantelope, which is quite delicious.
(pictured next to the favorite go-to breakfast of me and my co-gardener across the city, Feeesh- egg whites on top of whole wheat english muffins with Laughing Cow cheese spread.

You are sure to see more... its all very exciting- watermelon! purple basil! patty pan squash! (I think), Rond de Nice Squash (I think based on google)!, summer squash! spaghetti squash! the cutest little eggplant ever! fresh tomatoes! kale! (as a side note, I have already learned something about basil... apparently, the appropriate way to store it fresh is the same way you store flowers- trim the stems and put it in a glass of water- who knew!).

I'm hoping to wrap this into my budget cooking posts by trying to create dishes that are based on these items, and that use basic staples (grains, onions, garlic, beans, flour, olive oil, chicken, broth, (feta and almond milk, around here), etc) that I have on hand- essentially I've made sure I have everything like that on hand and am now going to see how long I can go without going to the grocery store. We'll see!


sock puppet said...

damn you, you have purple basil?? we made bruschetta last night and the recipe called for purple basil, but alas we had to go for plane-jane green basil. jealous.

Jenni said...

this has prompted me to do some research (as a break from that other research) and find the best CSA in Austin. And subsequently bribe my roommates to do it with me - I promise to make yummy food for us all from it, if they'll just help me pay!!

this is the one I've found for us:

yellowfish said...

oh, that looks good, Jenni! let me know how it goes- since there is only one of me, at least 75% of the time, I'm a little worried that eating the veggies before they go bad is going to turn into a race against time. but, I'm up for the challenge (at least right now, while I'm still all excited)

Jenni said...

I don't know how you feel about pickles, but I read somewhere that if you save the jar and pickle juice from a jar of pickles you can dump some veggies in there before they go bad to preserve them. I mean, then you end up with pickled veggies that you have to figure out what to do with. But I imagine this as sort of a time-out in your race. Myself, I hate pickles and anything pickled.


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