Sunday, February 8, 2009

An unlikely duo.

So, it has been raining here in LA. For the rest of the country this would be no big deal, but as far as we are concerned, this is a monsoon (aka three days of rain IN A ROW). I decided the least I could do is to let my little plants get a bath and celebrate, so put them out on the edge of the balcony the other day.

I just got a kick out of how funny they looked together, partly because there is no natural scenario in which these two kinds of trees would ever mingle. And partly because something about the way they're leaning towards each other makes it look a little like they've headed over to the corner to chat, and are conspiring on some secret scheme.


nanio said...

It's good to have friends.

Little Gray Pixel said...

I'm loving this rain. It's a little cold for my taste, though.

yellowfish said...

Yes, its true. Friends are good. Rain? less good.

Katrina said...

Is that a Christmas tree?

yellowfish said...

yes it is... I like the really little live trees from Trader Joes but there are 2 big problems. The first one is that I'm allergic to the sap, so I put little lights on it but I have to bring latex gloves home from work to be able to do it safely! Also, I always imagine I'll keep them alive like a houseplant and use them every year and it'll get really big. So far, March is about my max, we'll see how this guy does!


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