Thursday, October 25, 2007

Featured Etsy Seller: Skookum Handmade

Today I'm going to feature a fellow Etsier. I'm reeeaalllly excited about this one, because I somehow found this cutting board in my browsings, and immediately fell madly in love with it. Its made of a variety of recycled woods. I really wanted it, and would go back and 'visit' it periodically, but somehow its the kind of thing I would never actually end up buying for myself.

BUT! After I saw it, I mentioned that I wanted it and a very wonderful certain someone remembered that, found it and got it for me!! He just gave it to me today, and now I'm just admiring it :). You can see it here... I love the combinations of the different kinds of wood and everything. So awesome!!

This is the shop... Skookum Handmade

And this is my beautiful cutting board!


femputer said...

Wow! You've got a very sweet certain someone. :D That's an awesome cutting board!

yellowfish said...

yes! I love it! I'm afraid to use it though, its too cute and since it was a present now I feel like its supposed to be a souvenir or something... I suppose I'll have to get over myself eventually though... :)


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