Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Great Muffin Caper

Ok, so technically, this did not happen all that recently... this news is approximately 6 months old, and I've spread it around a lot. But, it is my favorite story, and I really feel like its can only be done justice when photos are involved, which means that I now feel justified in inflicting it on this blog.

So. I have a confession.

I like english muffins. A lot.

So, when I was having some delicious soup for dinner, what did I want to have to go with it? An english muffin! but of course. What could be better. I had recently purchased a delicious pack
age of wheaty muffins, and had eaten one the day before. While heating the soup, I went to the package to get out the second muffin, but something was amiss. Initially, I thought maybe there was something strange going on, like an accident at the muffin factory.

(oh, so naive)

Then, with a rush of horror I realized, there was not an accident, not at all. Someone... (wait for it...)... SOMEONE had gotten to my muffins before I had (now, bear in mind other than my little tub o'love Charlotte, I live alone).

This someone didn't just "get to" the muffins... this someone TOOK A BITE OUT OF my muffin. Like, took it out of the pack at the store, took a giant bite, and then decided 'eh! not for me'.


Who does that? Like really really who? (and further, what kind of security is going on at Ralphs that would enable this scandal to pass unnoticed).


Jill Davis Doughtie said...

I just ate a whole wheat English muffin for lunch! I love them too. This is a shocking story. :)

Christine said...

How very odd. I'm seriously starting to wonder what kind of person would just randomly open up a bag of english muffins, take a bite, and put it back. Crazy!

yellowfish said...

Yes, they are delicious :).

And I know! who does this?

Banana-head Pancake said...

ohmygod. Is this true?!?
So crazy. But I guess thinking about it, I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often. Some little 16 yr old that hates his job stocking shelves, gets a little bored...

femputer said...

Let me get this straight. It wasn't the top muffin in the bag? That would mean that after taking the bite, they had to stack other muffins on top! Unless of course it's not a bag of muffins...?

yellowfish said...

right... it was one of those Thomas's open top boxes that is in a bag, and it wasn't the top muffin- it was the one at the end near the opening, but there was an intact muffin on top of it. Which of course means that before I discovered the bite, I unknowingly ate a muffin that must have been touched by the muffin-biter, which is gross in and of itself!


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