Thursday, March 27, 2008

Website Wednesday: No Pants Day

This is also late... this weeks feature is (wait for it)... No Pants Day! Now, you may not be aware of this, so I'm considering it a public service announcement. You should most likely start doing power squats immediately in prep for the annual No Pants Day on May 2, 2008. For more info, you can see the comprehensive website at (you guessed it)...

You can actually see documentation of the no-pants celebrations in the no-pants photo gallery... I was going to put up a few, but, after some careful consideration I decided that posting pictures of strangers in their underwear is just not really my bag. So, you'll have to go forth and forage for pics yourself.

I realize you may be thinking things like... so, if I have no pants on, then where do I keep my pocket lint? Or, if I have no pants on, and my shoes don't have to match my belt, do I have to match them to something else or does everything just devolve into complete chaos? Or, if NO ONE has pants on (not just young hot people, but all people), do I even want to go out of the house? The FAQ answers some of these kinds of burning issues, for instance-- "haha, you only said no PANTS, so can I wear a kilt instead?" (the answer is no, you wiley wiley cheater)

If you ARE debating what outfit to wear, they have kindly supplied a quiz. I, apparently, will be wearing a lovely pair of boxers. Keep your eye out!

You Should Wear Boxers!

Boxers are a good choice for you. They are always funny, and they keep your private parts private.

Find out which No Pants Day outfit YOU should wear!

No Pants Day is May 2nd, 2008. To find out more about No Pants Day, visit

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