Friday, May 20, 2011

Balcony Garden... back in effect!

Spring is here! Please observe...

 Guess what this is... acorn squash! I would never have really thought of it, but according to the little plastic card from Home Depot, it turns out you can totes grow it in a container, so, I am! I was pretty sure this was never going to work, but low and behold, it has a bunch of (really pretty) blossoms! I kind of thought it was going to be bigger and vinier, but, whatever... I'll take what I can get. I'll keep you posted.

 This one, this one is pretty impressive and has basically nothing to do with me. All the credit here goes to Sheila, the banana pepper plant.  Now, to re cap, Sheila produced at least 50 peppers... along with going in to almost everything I ate last summer, she also contributed to the awesome pepper jelly. Impressive act #1 is actually living through the winter. I'm not gonna lie, I did not do much in terms of helping those guys out... I watered them, but was generally speaking very very lazy about it. Basically, Sheila started to resemble a stick more than a pepper plant, and I grew deeply concerned for her welfare. Long about February I started actually watering them, and Sheila came back from the dead and started to look at least like a stick with leaves, which was an improvement. And then, out of the blue, she started growing more peppers!!! There are 4 on there! Basically, it's official- Sheila is a warrior.

Did you know that lavender blossoms grow in a spiral like this? I didn't, until some of the blooms came off... I love finding secret geometry hidden in nature.

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