Monday, June 14, 2010

Container Gardening Success!

I recently introduced you to Bob, my tomato plant, and Sheila, my pepper plant and my efforts at balcony 'container gardening'. Well, I have to say, things are going gangbusters, so I wanted to give an update.

First up... Sheila the banana pepper plant(s) is turning out to be very prolific... I don't have a full shot, but this one shows just one of the at least 4 peppers (with many more blooms). I'm pretty psyched about this one despite not actually being all that sure what you DO with banana peppers... anyone with recipes, please let me know.

Next up... a new addition- some super hot chilies, that are going to be little red chilis that hopefully I can dry. This one also has toooooooons of little peppers and blooms on it.

Now... something very exciting- BLUEBERRIES! we'll see how this goes, its a total experiment. But, an experiment that has yielded at least 15 soon-to-be edible blueberries (I hope).

AAAAAANND, my old favorite. The lime tree, which is benefiting from the much more vigorous watering regime I'm on this year because of all the other plants is also exploding. There are tons of little limes! I don't want to jinx it but this year it might be actually possible to make one or more margaritas from this thing...

Now, you're probably wondering what happened to Bob the tomato plant... well, he's still with us, but Bob has been unfortunately riddled by a team of ravenous (apparently) caterpillars who not only demolished his leaves but also his 2 baby tomatoes (the gall), so he's really not at his most photogenic and to avoid posting humiliating pictures of him on the internet, I'll wait until he looks a little more like himself.

So, things around here are looking good! Once I can actually make something with any of these, recipes will be forthcoming!

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