Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rosemary, 3 ways

Ok, my day 2 picture is of this fresh rosemary I got at a friends house yesterday (I killed my one small rosemary plant. Theirs is 3 feet tall and grows in the yard. yep.)

Anyhow, it has featured prominently in my day. Its incarnations have been:

- Rosemary scramble (egg whites, broccoli, cheese, and, of course, rosemary)

- Rosemary tea - this is supposed to be anti-inflammatory among other things. Being myself, obviously I looked it up, and it turns out that rosemary oil actually IS anti-inflammatory and antinocioceptive (reduces pain sensitivity). who knew! also, I really liked it, it was refreshing.

- Herb bread. I made bread using this recipe, and threw a bunch of herbs in, which was awesome. We ate it with this Pasta e Fagioli, also awesome (and no picture was taken or it would totally be my post).


daisyfleur said...

I love rosemary. Thanks for the tips - had never thought of putting it in scrambled egg.

Jessica Doyle said...

I love rosemary! I grow mine in a pot as it wouldn't survive a New Brunswick winter.


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