Sunday, October 11, 2009

The 365 Days Project

Well, for some reason I'm in an internet meme-y kind of mood. It all started when one food blog I was reading talked about spending only $30 for food for a week (including groceries, coffee, etc). All these people were posting their menus, and I thought, $30, I could do $30 with my hand tied behind my back (only one hand because I need the other hand to cook)! But I was only thinking about when I cook, which as we all know, is cheap when you actually prefer to survive on garbanzo beans. Unfortunately I have a conference, and a dinner with a friend from out of town, and $30 won't cut it this week (which I realize defies the entire point, but whatever). Anyways, that will come soon.

Then I got all pumped up about 101 things in 1001 days, where you decide on 101 things to accomplish over roughly the next 2.75 years. Sounds productive. Also sounds like something I should work on listing out when I'm not flailing around in piles of busy-ness like I am right now. So that MAY come too (if I actually feel like putting it on the blog, which will likely only happen if I include a section on things I want to learn to cook).

SO. Here we are. I've settled on the 365 days challenge, where you take a picture a day for 365 days. I'm sure I'm way out of date on this, but it will still be fun! I actually take an inordinate amount of pictures (like, haha, look at this baking disaster or haha, look at this hilarious sign), so theoretically this won't be hard. We shall see. Despite what I'm about to post, I promise that all of the pictures won't be of Charlotte. I'll also put up normal stuff as well (I have ANOTHER wheatberry incarnation up my sleeve, but am almost afraid to put it up after the last two, so I'm waiting).

I am starting yesterday, because this is just too cute. Today's is upcoming.

Charlotte, with her cat grass. You can't see, but it exactly matches her eyes...


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