Sunday, March 10, 2013

Easy Decorating Idea: Colorful Framed Paper

I got this really easy decorating idea from Pinterest (as usual). Unfortunately, (also as usual) someone didn't pin it carefully, so it isn't possible to track down the originator of the picture and cite them here (I also can't get the embedded pin to center itself- ah well).

Having just recently wrapped up the painting of the dresser, I've been thinking about the state of my bedroom. It was fine, but there was kind of a lack of coziness, I think because of all the white wall. I have tall ceilings, which I love, but it does mean there is a whole lotta wall to cover! Here it is, before:

I went to Michael's to see what there was to see, and it turned out they were having a sale. I found the frames I used for 5 bucks each- I wasn't really willing to risk too much, because for all I knew this was going to look ridiculous. My criteria were: black, relatively thick frame, and the mat had to be included. 

Michaels also has a large paper selection, which is good, because picking out the paper was pretty challenging, actually. I noticed the original picture had a mix of sizes of patterns and colors. It also had to match my quilt. I tried to pick patterns that had some unique and some repeating colors so that every color was in at least one other panel. Fortunately, paper is pretty cheap (usually about 50 cents per sheet, but today 6 for $1, can't beat that!). So, I bought a bunch of extra just in case. The other perk here is that you can always switch up the colors later if you want a new look.

Be sure to clean the glass in the frames before putting the paper in. also, for geometric patterns, really make sure it's straight or else it'll look sloppy. (It was really hard to take these pictures without glare obscuring the patterns).

Other than picking the paper, the next hardest thing was clearly hanging them evenly spaced along the wall. Really, I don't have any magic solution for this, it involved a lot of measuring and remeasuring and making teeny dots on the wall and then doing math on my hand and swearing while I stood on the bed. But finally, I got them up!

Overall, I'm pretty excited about it! It didn't take that long, it brightened things up, and things look a lot cozier!

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