Sunday, May 20, 2012

Grilled Pizza- Go Make This RIGHT NOW!

I don't know if it's some holdover from childhood birthday parties or what, but something about pizza is just fun. BUT, as fun as I might have thought it was before, frankly, now that I've made it on the barbecue, the fun factor has gone through the roof.
Now, I'd heard about this whole grilled pizza thing, and to be honest I was a little nervous and was pretty sure that in my hands the result would be a globulous mess that I would never in a million years be able to scrape off the barbecue. Clearly my cooking partner feeesh thought the same thing, because he came back from Trader Joes with a package of pizza dough, plus a backup pizza dough for when we wrecked the first one. But, not only did it turn out, it turned out so well we made them both!

Now, the first thing we did was use pre-made pizza dough because they have it at Trader Joes, it's cheap, and it's easy. We got one wheat and one herbed dough. The first step is to roll it out as best you can- ours were totally freeform. Meanwhile, clean the bbq well and then rub the slats with olive oil. Then, turn it on high and let it get really really hot. Take the flat dough out and toss it on the grill. Try not to freak out, it'll be fine. This part is very quick- you basically just want to cook it for about 3 minutes to kind of seal the underneath side of it.
Bring it in, flip it over, and put the side that was down, up and get ready for the toppings! First, brush the entire thing all the way to the edges with a light cover of olive oil. We made one with pizza sauce and one with pesto and liked the pesto one better, possibly because it was a little moister. Put on the other toppings- both of ours had peppers and onions, and one had pepperoni and the other had artichoke hearts and chicken sausage. 
Add a little cheese and you're good to go!
Now, you CAREFULLY slide it back on the grill, but turn down the heat to low. Let it cook until the cheese is all nice and melty, which will be about the same amount of time it takes for the dough to finish cooking.
Seriously, I'm not kidding, your mind will be blown. This does not taste like home made pizza at all, it tastes like something in some restaurant with a huge brick oven. Plus, it's fast, and it doesn't make your kitchen into a sauna, making it perfect for summer as well. 

Don't stop, don't pass go, don't collect $200... just go make this pizza!

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