Thursday, October 6, 2011

Damn you, scary commercials.

I am very susceptible to scary things. I'm not even kidding, when Paranormal Activity 2 came out, I had nightmares about the COMMERCIALS for weeks, even though I never even saw the first movie. I realize this is ridiculous. (you can only imagine what happened once I subsequently made the ridiculous decision to go ahead and watch the first one on netflix).

Now, tonight, my old nemesis is back to haunt me and I'm going to need to avoid TV for the foreseeable future, because I just saw the commercial for #3. The critical scene was when 2 little girls do the whole "Bloody Mary" chant thing in the dark bathroom, and then when they leave some dark shadow is really standing there.

Fortunately, I'm 100% prepared for that particular fear already, because ever since the first time I read the Shining, I cannot go into a dark bathroom without turning on the light to make sure the lady from the bathtub isn't in there.

It's really nice when things all come together, you know?

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