Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Well, it's been pretty busy around these parts. Among other things, I had a grant deadline situation going on (my second ever R01, for those of you who might be interested, and for the record it was WAY WAY less traumatic than the first one).

Fortunately, I finished that sucker right around 6:30, which allowed me to come home to an evening of leisure, in which I'm pretending that none of the other things I have to do now that the deadline is over exist.

I will give you a glimpse of my evening in photos...

#1. Magic Hat #9- I kid you not, I have been looking for this beer on the West Coast for almost 10 years (aka, ever since I moved from the East Coast). After completely giving up, I had a miraculous experience in Whole Foods (which I mainly go to for the bulk grains aisle) in which the heavens opened up and a beam of light shone down on the ONE BOTTLE of #9 they had. I brought it home, swaddled in reusable shopping bags, and have been saving it for this very day. I almost had some weak moments, but am I ever glad I made it through. I am sipping it and basking in memories of my youth.

#2 There is a missing picture here of my gnocci, kale, pesto, and (veggie) sausage dinner, but I assure you it was both delicious and photogenic.

#3. Yep, I made MYSELF some earrings for once!

#4. I'm unstoppable! Pair #2! All for me! (pictures aren't that great because I was too lazy to get my whole setup organized).

#5. And, I'm ending the evening with my dear old friend (and, possibly some amazingly crappy television that you don't even want to know about).

What a night! As I said... bliss....

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