Monday, May 2, 2011

Not Your Average Steampunk Butler

This is a little off the beaten path topic-wise, but I'm all pumped up about it, so you have to see.

Basically, KidRobot is an awesome store that, among many other things, sells blank Munnys. If you aren't familiar with Munnys they're basically little vinyl guys that are completely blank and you can decorate them however you want. Then, KidRobot has a Munnyworld contest, where you decorate them and submit them to the site. I've never made one before, but Feesh was all excited about it, so I decided to make one for the contest too... in pretty much no time I was all psyched up as well.

Basically, I totally forgot to take a picture of mine when he was blank, so here is the picture from wikipedia, which is probably fancier than anything I'd have taken anyways...
I'd been thinking a lot about what to do, and spending all day thinking about brains at work, obviously the first thing to pop into my head was something that somehow took a look inside the Munny brain. I have all these gears from my recent Steampunk inspired jewelry, so settled on the idea of a Steampunk, gear-headed Munny.
I was afraid to cut his head, so my partner in crime did it, and claims it wasn't hard at all. Then, he primed it using Krylon Spray Primer, and they dried all day. We got enamel paint, which worked really well (we used Testors) and it went on smoothly. I wanted him to look like he was made of brass or copper... as you can see, it is better to take their arms and heads off before painting them, otherwise the areas in the joints won't turn out neatly. It feels a little criminal to rip the Munny limb from limb, but trust me, he'll get over it.
Then, I stuffed his head full of clay, and used that as the base for all the gears. I love how they turned out...
And... here is the final product!
You can see all the other entries here.. it's worth checking out, some of them are really amazing!

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