Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine's Day Confession

First of all, Happy Valentine's Day to you.

There are a lot of things someone could potentially discuss about Valentine's Day, and a lot of people have a lot of opinions.... it's corny, it's romantic, it's too commercialized, it's romantic precisely because it's corny, and despite being commercialized... I could go on. But, know what? I won't. Because that is just not what this blog is about.

Instead, I am going to use this day to reveal my deep dark Valentine's secret. Just brace yourself.

A lot of people love the holiday because one byproduct of commercializing it is that there is a vast array of Valentine's Day candy available starting immediately after Christmas. Most people get excited about heart shaped boxes of delicious chocolate. And don't get me wrong, I do love chocolate.

But, meet my kryptonite, my Achille's heel...

cinnamon gummy hearts.

It may actually be the lowest form of candy, which I will readily admit. It's available almost solely at large pharmacy-type stores, and cost something like 99 cents a bag. And, to me, it is like crack.

I already love the cinnamon-gummy-heart's kissing cousin, the sugared orange slice candy. In fact, if I am alone at an airport, and facing a stressful situation (i.e returning from exhausting job interviews, which has happened a few times recently) the orange slice is my top choice. But, the cinnamon gummy heart is CINNAMON, which puts it over the top. It's like the orange slice and Hot Tamales had a glorious glorious baby.

I think it is probably for the best that these are only available for one month of the year.

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stasiacooks said...

I am with you on this. I love the gummies and the chocolate and there is just something about eating this candy while it's in season. I appreciate Valentine's Day because it gives us something to celebrate at the tail end of winter. Thank you for your brave post.


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