Sunday, January 9, 2011

Frozen Herbs... woah!

I recently discovered a product that I had absolutely no idea existed, but that seems like one of those really really awesome ideas, and you can't figure out why you haven't been using it for years... what could this be, you ask?

 Yes, you read that right... it says frozen cilantro! (and basil) This company Dorot ( has had the foresight to freeze teaspoon sized ice cubes of fresh herbs that you can pop out and add to recipes!

My herb garden is looking a little pathetic these days (although the weeks of torrential downpour in LA did help a bit), which makes this all the more appealing. Also, it just seems handy- for instance, the other day, I made my chana masala recipe, and one of the things I love about that is that its easy just to whip up out of things in the cupboard (basically all it has is onion, canned tomato, garbanzo beans, and spices). But, fresh cilantro makes a huge difference- thing is, I had no desire to go to the store just for a bunch of cilantro that I'd only use half of anyways, so I went without. No more! It was only $1.99 for the entire pack, so this can easily fit into your budget cooking store of herbs because they'll last quite a while, it seems. I'm excited!
(I found this at Trader Joes).


Pam said...

I haven't used frozen herbs yet but I have a friend who loves them!

nancy said...

Frozen herbs--such a good idea! Must get some on the next trip to TJ's.

Jenni said...

This is a game changer indeed! Oh, TX, will you PLEASE get a trader joe's. Can I put this down as a criteria for my post-doc location: must have trader joes.


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