Monday, October 11, 2010

Korean Beef Salad

I posted a few months ago about my Korean Fusion Tacos- inspired by the many L.A. taco trucks and helped along by Trader Joes- since then they've become a staple feature at our barbecues and are always a hit.
The first thing I want to tell you are a few modifications I've made since the original post... the core of the recipe is still the same- TJs Bool Kogi Beef, and some flatbread. There is a subtle difference in the toppings, though... the broccoli slaw is still fine, but I've taken to using English/hothouse cucumbers which I slice thin using a grater. Toss on some rice vinegar, a little sesame oil, and some red pepper flakes. In a seperate bowl, thinly slice red onions and marinate in the same stuff. Then chop a little cilantro. And... assemble!

Now we have: Tacos, 2.0
What we have here are day after remnants, in a sort of deconstructed taco, salad-like form. It was pretty much just a way for me to use up the leftover meat and cucumber, but actually, it was delish. I warmed the meat a little because this meat is just not that good completely cold, but that contrasted really well with the chilled tart cucumbers. This would be a really nice summer meal (or, if you live here, and its 90 in October, a really nice meal for a blazing hot fall evening). Try it!

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