Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dinner from Three Boxes...

Sometimes, you get home at 8:30, and you want dinner, and you're not quite desperate enough for the ever classy bowl of cereal and glass of wine gourmet combo. Thankfully someone invented Trader Joes, which is fully equipped to let you feel like you're cooking something wholesome with the absolute bare minimum effort. Witness: dinner from 3 boxes. (ok, ok, fine. technically some of them are bags. that just doesn't have a good ring to it).

Now, for the very complex ingredient list:
(plus a sliced mango. because sometimes if you go to the store when you're tired and hungry, you somehow end up dazed and void of willpower, wandering in the mango section).

Here is what you do:
1. Throw the chicken on the BBQ (or oven according to package directions)
2. Throw the bag of rice in the microwave.
3. Heat a little sesame oil and ginger or garlic in a pan (I used ginger paste in a jar which is now my staple way of getting ginger), and cook the green beans for however long it takes for the meat to be done (not long).
4. Slice the mango.

and... voila!
The curry chicken tenders aren't quite my favorite of the marinated TJ meats, because I was hoping for them to be a little bit saucier, but the flavor was pretty good, and they cooked fast, so I was happy.

ps. there MAY have been a fourth box, which I can highly, highly recommend...

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