Sunday, September 19, 2010

Watermelon Basil Feta Salad

I have been busily working my way through the CSA box. Not everything has photographs, partly because it wasn't all blog-worthy and partly because I had a camera memory card mishap. But, some of the products are...
- a very delicious egg white quiche with zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, and basil
-an eggplant and chickpea based curry (with more squash)
-cucumber salad (cucumber and rice wine vinegar)
-sliced cantelope to go with my standard breakfast sandwich (3 egg whites, 1 wheat english muffin, and 1 laughing cow cheese triangle)

This one though, was simple, delicious and managed to escape the memory card debacle intact.
 The stuff:
-1 watermelon
-half a bunch purple basil, half a bunch green basil (basically, a bunch of basil. I'd used the purple basil for a variety of other things, like the quiche and breakfast sandwiches).
-feta cheese crumbles
-a few limes (number varying based on juiciness - I needed 3 because 1 was completely dry)

What to do with it:
Ok brace yourself, this is very technical and demanding.

Cube the watermelon into bite sized pieces. Chop the basil and add. Dump in some feta. Squeeze the limes. Toss... and done!

I served this at a BBQ as a side dish (to accompany my Korean fusion tacos, which are are an infallible crowd pleaser) - it was nice and light and refreshing and just different enough to make it interesting. Delicious!

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Karen said...

I love the flavor combo here. And such a quick and easy salad! Yum!


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