Sunday, September 13, 2009

A little break for a little Decoratin'

Recently I moved into a new (bigger! better!) apartment, and got some new (better! newer! more adult!) furniture. I love it. Charlotte loves it, as you can see here:

Also, for anyone interested, I previously posted about CidTalk. I ordered one of her Crops of the World pieces, and ended up getting all 4 (thanks!). I think they're great, and people comment on them all the time. Well, now I finally have a better place to hang them up!

At any rate, I am totally ecstatic about my new couches and grownup coffee table (replacing my home decoupaged one). But it was all looking a little bit formal, and I decided I needed something a little more relaxed and funky to make it feel like me.

Enter, the stick tree.

I'm not sure where the idea came from, but I went to the Orchid Warehouse (because my neighborhood has not only an inordinate amount of donut stores and psychics, and the Crapi apartments, but also an orchid warehouse) and picked up some dry willow branches (75cents each x 3 = a grand total of $2.25, can't beat that!). I then took a bunch of leftover paper from other projects (and pillaged a random origami paper pack I have despite being terrible at origami) to make leaves, which I hung using thread.

It is really really hard to take a picture of, but I'm really liking it...

Here is a closeup, since it is kind of difficult to capture what the leaves look like in person given that from any one angle you can't see all of them perfectly.

Its a little quirky, and it is very tall, but I like it!


Sara Hopp Harper said...

I think your cat and my cat are twins! I love the tree- what a great idea.

Gallery32 said...

Love that photo of your cat. And congrats on the new furniture. We recently did the same thing and I love having matching items instead of the hodge podge we had before :)


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