Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Gallery of Sandwiches: Round 3

OK, next in line is the sandwich of my childhood.

This is decadent, and terrible for you, and oh so very delicious. Where does it come from? Point Loma Seafoods, which is first and foremost a fish market, but in addition to having every kind of extremely fresh fish (they are actually directly attached to the fishing docks), they have ridiculously good food. As far as I'm concerned, the only thing to go for is this, the classic fish sandwich. Here is whats in there... fresh fresh fish, breaded and fried (mmm... fried), put on super fresh fresh soft sourdough bread, and slathered with deliciously decadent tarter sauce. (if you're getting one, you should get it 'sloppy' with extra sauce. I mean, by by the time you're eating something deep fried, what are you clinging to- go ahead and have the sauce ;-).

And, here is the glamor shot:

The other perk is that while you eat, you get to sit and watch the boats... ah, so scenic!

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Tea said...

mmm you just made me hungry!


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