Friday, June 27, 2008

Yuuuuummmm... Coconut Curry Soup

Oh man. So, I got stuck on this idea of making coconut curry soup with lentils after seeing it on this blog. I didn't really do exactly the same thing, but, after hacking something together with the things at hand and using the advice of the internet, I'm super excited about it... this is what I had....

a bit of oil
half an onion- sliced
garlic- 3 cloves or so
fresh ginger- a lot, diced
lentils- about 2/3 of a bag
anaheim pepper- sliced thin
carrots- sliced thin
fresh basil
lemon juice
Pataks hot curry paste (a lot)
chicken broth- enough to cover lentils
2 cans light coconut milk

Basically, I browned the onion, ginger, and garlic and added the anheim pepper. Then stirred in the curry paste, and put in lentils and chicken broth. I let the lentils cook most of the way and then added the coconut milk. Towards the end I squeezed in a bunch of lemon juice (lime might have been better, but my one lime isn't ready yet and put in some diced fresh basil.

I wasn't really sure how this would turn out, I've never used coconut milk before. But let me tell you, this is AWWEEEEESSOOMMME. Its one of those things where you taste it, and kind of don't believe you actually made it yourself. I am definitely making this again (although not for a while, the pot of soup this made is massive!!)


Walk in the Woods said...

Yes! I've made coconut curry soup - though not is a while. And I have on have an amazing vibrant organic curry on hand!

Thank you for the reminder.

@ said...

Oh, you can be sure I'm going to try this...YUMMMY!
Thanks for posting :)


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