Saturday, December 1, 2007

Blast from the past

This is very exciting. A while ago, while perusing the internets, BoingBoing alerted me to the fact that my favorite part of elementary school computer class was still alive and well. (this computer class was, of course, all done using enormous floppy disks and computers with black and green screens) What could it be???? The Lemonade Stand game? Oregon Trail? close, but not quite... I'm talking about Logo! (I can't believe kids these days are wasting their time exchanging porn on myspace when they could be doing stuff like this...)

Anyhow, being a giant dork, I investigated and apparently you can even still download it, which I obviously did immediately. I got the mac version here. I'm sure there are PC versions, but I don't like PCs, so, I don't care...

It seems basically the same, but they made the turtle look like a real cartoon turtle, while you logo aficionados will remember that its really supposed to be a kind of retro little triangle. While I seem to have lost a bit of my logo-mojo in the intervening 20-something years (yikes) since I was in third grade, I did manage to make, this, which I will try to get my mom to proudly display on her fridge, pronto.

repeat 25 [forward 200 right 70 forward 50 right 70 forward 200]

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Field Notes said...

oh I love Oregon Trail! Have never heard of Logo, neat.

Nice blog, saw you on the forums!
(I am recycledideas)

You have a great eye for design.
Drop by my blog anytime ;D


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