Monday, November 18, 2013

Thanksgiving is Coming, and you need this Pumpkin Ginger Crumble Pie!

So, we all know how it goes when jobs are getting doled out for Thanksgiving-- the real experts get the  turkey, the person with the old family recipe that is the most full of marshmallows gets the sweet potatoes, the total rookie gets the green vegetable, the person who can't cook at all goes and buys some rolls, and somewhere in the middle is the pumpkin pie. You have to be able to bake reasonably well, but let's get real, there is a perfectly good recipe on the side of the pumpkin can, so it's not all that hard.

BUT. I am going to help all of you middle of the pack pumpkin pie makers, and show you how to make a seriously awesome pie that will blow them out of the water.

I give you.... Pumpkin Ginger Crumble Pie (originally posted in 2009, man alive, this thing is practically vintage.)

(see it lurking tantalizingly in the foreground?)

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