Friday, November 30, 2007

Something new v.2

As a follow up to my tree, I made a silver leaf.

Unfortunately, I didn't list it, because I was all excited and wanted to try it on. Then I wanted to wear it to work. Then everyone liked it. So basically, that was the end of that. Now its mine, all mine.... mwahhahahahahha *insane maniacal laughter*

(ummmm.... yeah, so clearly its been a long week.) Anyhow- here it is...


TallGiraffe said...

I like this! It's simple yet intricate, it could totally go with a casual or dressy outfit.

femputer said...

ohh, gorgeous! I see why you kept it. ;)

yellowfish said...

thanks! I'm working on making it a little more streamlined... and now I have one so now I can probably part with the next one :)


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