Monday, June 13, 2011

CSA Box... woo!

I've posted before about how much I love my CSA box. Now, I got a little worn out of squash and ended up taking a break for a while. But, I'm back, baby! This week was my first box of the summer... check out the deliciousness:

- 4 Detroit Red Beets
-1 bunch  Blue Kale
-1 bunch Siberian Kale
-2 Artichokes 
-4  Carrots
- 1 bunch Red Chard
-1 bunch Green Chard
-4 Spring Onions
-4 Zucchini
-4 Peaches

I'm going to be busy! Let me tell you some of the things I have planned...
1. grilled artichokes with grilled chicken
2. Roasted white beans, onions, garlic and braised kale
3. Swiss chard and red pepper stir fry with quinoa
4. roasted beets and greens with roasted chicken breast
5. Kale with chicken andouille sausage

Now, I'm not promising that I'm going to post on all of them, because most of these are new endeavors, and I only want to share the things that actually get my stamp of approval. But, keep your eyes out!

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