Thursday, April 29, 2010

Breakfast Quinoa

I've been looking for some new breakfast ideas (although I'm not really over the whole smoothie thing quite yet, it seems good to diversify). So, over at Cara's Cravings I found this recipe for breakfast quinoa, which I had never really considered... its appealing because quinoa is so good for you, and I thought it might fill an oatmeal type role but with more protein.

She recommends using Almond milk, which I've been curious about but never tasted, so, I went for it! I cooked 1 cup quinoa in 2 cups water, with a splash of Almond milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Then, I let it cool a bit and stuck it in the fridge, and poured a bit more Almond milk to soak in overnight. In the morning, I put some in a bowl, topped with some cinnamon, a few frozen blueberries, and a drizzle of honey, and microwaved it.

It was pretty good! I think tomorrow I might put in some nuts or something to add a little different texture, and I also got some awesome plums at the farmers market and I'm planning to cut one up and throw it in there. I think I also just have to get used to the taste of quinoa as a breakfast thing. But, its worth continuing on (and, I have a lot left over so will be eating this for a few days, so there are more chances to try!). Give it a shot...

I did get to try this with the awesome farmers market fruit, and it was much better (or maybe I just liked the fruit?). I also added additional almond milk. Anyways, check out how beautiful it was, here!

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