Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chicken/Rice/Butternut/Spinach... ROUND TWO!

Ok, so I last posted about a yummy tower of brown rice, butternut squash puree, a chicken/pepper/onion mixture, and spinach. I had leftovers, and wanted to eat them, but... making the whole tower all over again and heating up all the parts just seemed like too much work. Plus, it was cold out. Plus, I wanted soup.

So, enter round two... soup!

Basically, I took some chicken broth, tossed in the puree, the chicken mixture, a few spoonfuls of rice, and some more of the spinach (along with some red pepper flakes and smoked paprika to kick things up a notch) and let it simmer. It was sooo goood!

The lesson here is, think outside the box a bit with this whole leftovers thing. Getting to have all the flavors in a whole new format can really revive them!

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