Thursday, September 3, 2009

Little flowers- summer in your ears!

Ok, to wrap up my end of summer series, here are a couple pairs of earrings I've made recently. I'm not normally a super flowery person, but these little beads were just so cute I had to use them for something.

First up, Hanging Garden Earrings, which are lightly hammered sterling silver curls spiraling down with little orange and white flowers on them.

And next, the Little Bite of Spring earrings. Now, these have a little story- basically, the 'stems' are repurposed out of a necklace I got while I was in Japan. When I got it, I had no idea what it was made of- it almost looked like silk cord, it had such an interesting blue green texture. Then, when I accidentally broke it, I realized that it was really made out of very very teeny tightly wrapped springs. (if anyone knows what this is called, I loooove it and would love to buy some, but I don't know how because I have no idea what it is called). So, I thought it was perfect for these little stems because it gives an otherwise really simple pair of earrings a sort of interesting texture.


Hilary said...

Very cute! You do beautiful work.

Blogger said...

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