Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mmmm... summer in a crust!

Oh my, oh my, do we ever have some catching up to do!

I've been busy, and some of it is even documented with photos, but I have been either too busy or too lazy (or too lazy as a result of being too busy) to post anything. So, welcome to the backlog!

First up- in my perusing of the food blogs, I ran across this discussion of crostatas at the Amateur Gourmet, which are basically something like an open faced fruit pie. The open-facedness basically serves to maximize how awesome it looks, plus, gives you a little leeway in the shaping of it because its supposed to be free-form. I immediately knew that my summer was not going to end without me making one. Luckily, I went on vacation to a place with ridiculous amounts of fantastic fruit, a kitchen, and a lot of free time.

I based my recipe on this one as well as the one in the original post. Basically, you make (or you could acquire) a pie crust which you roll out to about 11-12 inches across. Then, you pick your favorite fruit- mine was fresh peaches with fresh blueberries- I let them sit for a bit in some sugar, a sprinkling of flour (to thicken the juice) and lemon zest and juice (because I always like my fruit with lemon juice). Then you kind of pile the fruit in the middle, fold up the edges, and pop in the (preheated) oven!

Let me tell you, this think definitely got a lot of compliments- it somehow managed to look both rustic and yet fancy. (Plus, it was delicious.)

See for yourself...


nancy said...

Oh, this looks so good! I love that it looks rustic and handmade, as well as oozing with fruity flavor. Welcome back--I missed you!

p.s. We have lots of eggplants in our veggie garden. I would love a post from you on how to use them!

Pam said...

Oh my - I could eat WAY too much of this beauty. It looks wonderful.

yellowfish said...

Oooh, eggplant! I have wintery things I like to cook with them, I'll have to think of some more summer friendly recipes!


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