Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tomato Thai Curry Soup

I know, I know, this can barely be construed as cooking. But, when faced with a busy day, an empty fridge, and a need for comfort food, I settled on a can of tomato soup. But, that seemed a little boring, so I spiced it up. I can't even bring myself to write this as a recipe, but I'm sure you can figure out what to do! (if you can't, add a few spoonfuls of curry sauce to the soup, and... you're done!)


Little Gray Pixel said...

Hey, no shame in this! I happen to think it's a great idea for dinner tonight.

Field Notes said...

Haven't stopped in for a while but am glad I did! I think that chickpea couscous recipe looks awesome. And thanks for sharing what brussel sprouts look like as they grow - I had no idea either! It's just not something I ever gave a second thought to, until now. I wonder how many other veggies I eat grow in a completely different way than I think they do..?

Anyhow, Mr. Field Notes loves to cook Indian food too and swear by Madhur Jaffrey. Before he cooked out of her books his mom did and before she did, his grandma cooked similar recipes in India.

I can vouch they are delicious!


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