Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Huevos Rancheros... Happy Cinco de Mayo!

So... speaking of budget friendly yet delicious food, a wise friend recently pointed me to a no-fail recipe for huevos rancheros, something I had previously thought I'd never see outside of a brunch date. Now, bear in mind, "no fail" assumes you care if it tastes good more than if it looks perfect, also I can speak to deliciousness more than I can speak to the level of authenticity, but... either way, you have GOT to try it!

This is what you need:
-1 egg (or, a couple egg whites)
-a tortilla (I used a smallish sized wheat tortilla but it doesn't matter at all)
-black beans (I bought the store-brand, spiced black beans)
-the salsa of your choice
-some shredded cheese (I used the Quattro Formaggio mix from TJs because thats what I had)
-a smidge of oil
-avocado (optional, but really, is NOT having avocado the option you want to take, here?)

And here is what you do...
-very lightly coat the pan with a teeny bit of oil
-toast the tortilla on one side so its just a little brown, then flip it over
-sprinkle cheese on it
-crack the egg on top (or, dump the egg whites on top), it might spread around into the pan, don't panic, just go with the flow, let it cook for a little bit
-now... it gets fun. get the spatula, and quickly flip the entire thing over- if it doesn't work that well, it doesn't matter, it still tastes good.
-while that is cooking, pop some of the beans in the microwave and cut up the avocado
-pull out the tortilla, put it on the plate tortilla side down, dump on the beans, toss on the avocado, and top with a dash of salsa!

I am not going to actually tell you how many times I've had this recently, but lets just say that I'm getting pretty good at it. Here are a couple versions.

#1- I like to call it, El Clasico:
(made with 1 whole egg and everything listed above)

#2- I like to call it Huevos Rancheros Florentine
(a lot of frozen spinach defrosted and mixed in with the beans. made with 3 egg whites instead of a whole egg).

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

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citycity said...

Hey this looks really delicious!! I'm going to make it tomorrow. I found your blog via the Starving Artist Recipes thread on Etsy tonight. Been going through your cheap recipes, and they all look tasty. You inspired me to learn how to cook =D and I need it, I've had enough fast food. I can't cook for beans but your directions look easy to follow... please post more recipes! p.s. love to see the photos :). citycity is my username :).


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