Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Victorious Return of La Leche...

Me vs. Sweetened Condensed Milk.
Round 2.

Ok, so, I had to do some work this afternoon, and while I as doing it, decided to take another stab at the boiling milk and making caramel thing. All revved up and confident from my first experience (not that it went that well, but I was at least more sure that I wasn't going to blow anything up), I put the can in, really really boiled it for 4 hours. And... it totally worked!!! Check it out!

So, this looks basically like all the stuff everyone else made. Now my problem is (and this is very hard to admit given that I have now invested approximately 7.5 hours of boiling, 2 trips to the grocery store for the 2 cans of milk, and quite a bit of time on google)... I don't like it. Its actually kind of gross- its just too sweet and heavy and still has too much milky taste. Maybe there is some delicious thing to use it in that I don't know about yet, so I saved it, but... yeah... there you go... victory is (way too) sweet.


Cicada Studio said...

Too funny! I'd be so bummed, but I'd have to laugh at myself.

Oh, well! I hope you find your perfect recipe.

Banana-head Pancake said...

victory is (way too) sweet.

Amazing. Well, I throughly enjoyed this experiment = thank you for that!

Have you already tossed it or searching for recipes? Maybe swirled in brownies?

femputer said...

lol interesting process. Does it taste like the caramels you buy at the store?

yellowfish said...

I wish it tasted like caramels from the store... I was imagining it like one giant kraft caramel. I think that it might be better if it were diluted... I stuck it in the freezer so I can keep my eye out for recipes- I think brownies or something like that might be ok...


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