Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Website Wednesday: The Beard Series

There is nothing I love more than inadvertently stumbling upon some random niche full of people completely passionate about something I have never even thought about before.

For instance, I have recently learned that beards have more uses than concealing receding chins, keeping lumberjacks warm in winter, and making life scratchy and miserable for your significant other. Oh no, beards appear to be a deeply prized art form. As a case in point, for this Website Wednesday, I give you.... the Beard Team USA... a group who's primary goal is 'promoting the worldwide appreciation of beards and mustaches'

Is this some crazy American fetish, you ask? Ooooh no. Not even close. Because (brace yourself) the USA Beard Team COMPETES in the World Beard and Mustache Championships. Yes, its true:

In addition, the Beard Team has a blog, in which they discuss modern and historical events as related to beards, as well as beard related events.

I was super excited about the loofahs, but this, this is really exciting stuff. I'll leave you with a few samples of some of the contestants (these photos come directly from the Gallery of Contestants and Champions, part of the World Beard Championships website)


Nicole R.J. said...

Oh my! I admit to pressuring the Mr. to keeping his facial hair, but if he ever took it this far no way... wow those are some crazy beards!

Kinichi River Designs said...


That is excellent! What a sense of humor - I can't get over those beards! THanks for sharing and giving me a smile today!

yellowfish said...

glad you like it, it cracked me up-- these guys are awesome!

jl. said...

These are amazing!
hahah wow, imagine walking around with one of those on your faces!
Thats like a full time coat on your face!



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