Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ahh... summer.

There are some things not to love about Los Angeles in the summer... those are things like sitting in traffic in the blazing sun. But, one of the most awesome things is the increase in street fruit vendors (maybe they're around all year, but it still feels like a summer thing). You can identify them by their rainbow striped umbrellas, and little carts stacked full of fruit and ice. Usually there is an array of options like fresh mango, watermelon, cantaloupe, coconut, jicama, and cucumber. You ask for what you want, they chop it up right in front of you, and toss it in a bag. Then, the magic happens- they ask you what you want on it, and the only correct answer is chile, lime, and salt (con chile, limon, y sal). This results in a hefty dose of chili powder, a sprinkle of salt, and limes squeezed all over it. All this for five bucks!

Tell me you don't want to stick your fork in that. Seriously, try to make it the whole car ride home without nibbling at every stoplight.

I've actually tried to replicate something similar at home with a fresh pineapple. I sliced up the pineapple, sprinkled with chili powder and salt, and squeezed some fresh lime.
Now, this is a classic combination, and it definitely was delicious although maybe slightly lacking in the magic that happens when you stumble upon a fruit guy and chops, squeezes, and sprinkles the whole thing super fast right in front of you. It is definitely a way to make your summer fruit salad more spunky

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