Sunday, September 26, 2010

Loofah Update!

I've mentioned before that I started a new gardening experiment that I've been thinking about for quite a while... growing loofahs!

Now, last time I posted, they were just sprouting from little seeds. But now, NOW, they are really something to see. As soon as I planted them, they started growing like gangbusters, so I got a little 3 foot trellis. They got so giant, they way overgrew it and started trying to invade the apartment (see exhibit A).

So, I got a much bigger trellis (7 ft tall) and when I stretched the plant out, it was basically big enough for it already! Just has to fill out a bit. There are even some little things that might be going to turn into flowers, but this thing sprouts leaves and tendrils so fast its hard to tell!
( so tall! although there is some leaf issue at the bottom I'm trying to figure out)

I'm extremely excited about how this whole thing is panning out, that much is for sure. If you're wondering what that is off to the left, it is my famous little lime tree who is doing spectacularly well, and produced these little beauties with many more on the way!

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