Friday, May 7, 2010

Lemon Curd, Holy Smokes

I'm not sure what made me pick up some Lemon Curd on a trip to Trader Joes, but OMG am I ever glad I did.

Fruit curd is apparently meant for a dessert-like spread on scones and tarts. I am 100% on board with this, but I don't really eat enough scones to make this a viable way to make my way through this jar. I wouldn't have thought it was such an emergency... until I tasted it. It is like distilled down lemon meringue pie, and let me tell you, do I ever have a weakness for lemon meringue pie.

At any rate, in addition to the traditional uses, there are some other possibilities. One is to add a small teaspoon to sweeten up a green smoothie (by the way my green smoothie kick is still going strong). But my new favorite way is to really make oatmeal into something awesome. I've mentioned before about how much I love oatmeal, but this, this adds something special. Try it. You'll like it.

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