Saturday, September 7, 2013

Easy Homemade Hanging Jewelry Rack (repost)

As another decorating re-post, here is a jewelry rack, made out of cooling racks! this has now moved coasts and apartments and is still going strong. This probably goes down as the single most useful thing I have ever made. Somewhat ironically, my actual cooling racks for food were lost in the move, so the only ones I own are nailed to the bathroom wall- I guess you win some, you lose some.


This idea came to me in a craft store, here is what you need for a little do it yourself action:
--a gridded baking cooling rack (preferably black)
--a package of black bobby pins
--needle nose pliers, or round nose jewelry pliers
--decoration, if you want (here, some discount Christmas berries. I also considered ribbon woven around the edge).

Take the rack, and put whatever decorations you plan to use on it first- this works better for things like the berries so that you can place your hooks around them. 

To create the hooks, take a bobby pin, and, from behind the rack, clip it onto one of the horizontal bars, so that its hanging straight down on the front. Then, take your pliers, and grip halfway up the bobby pin. Bend the bobby pin upwards so it forms a V pointing up, making a hook. You can space the hooks out as you want- I found that leaving an empty square between them helped a lot when hanging things.

For necklaces, be sure to leave enough space between rows for the pieces to hang. I made one square for necklaces and the other for earrings. On the earrings rack, I put a series of hooks at the top for hoops, and the other earrings I just hung through the squares by their hooks.

Once all your hooks and decorations are installed, nail it up!

Here is the finished product... so far, it is working fantastically! Its not only cute, it was veeery budget friendly. give it a try!

And- a year later, here it is (way loaded up) in its new home!

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