Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Freezer Sangria

As we've discussed, it was very very hot for a while, lately it has been perfect and not too hot, but this freezer sangria is still an awesome discovery anyways. I found a version of this over at NoRecipes, and went from there.
I don't think I need to explain why sangria is the best summer drink ever- it's cold, you can take advantage of delicious seasonal fruit, it's super flexible so you can make it however you like it, and it is really easy to pretend like you're in some kind of exotic location instead of in the middle of a hot city. The genius behind the freezer idea is that it makes it possible to have sangria on hand whenever you want it- this could actually get kind of dangerous.

What do you need?
- a good sized tupperware (mine was the same one I use to take brownies places, if that helps)
- a bottle of white wine (I used sauvignon blanc)
- some variety of hard alcohol- all I ever have is gin, so I used that, but vodka, triple sec or something else clear would also have worked and maybe been better
- lots of fruit- I used a quarter cantelope, a sweet red grapefruit, and a peach or two. chop it all up.
- a little bit of juice to add sweetness, all I could find was mango so I used that! you could also put in a little sugar if it is too bitter
- soda water and ice for serving

Basically, dump it all into the tupperware, taste it and add the alcohol/juice until you like it and stick it in the freezer, how's THAT for simple.

The good thing about the freezer system is: 1, it's super cold and the fruit acts a little like ice; 2, the ice crystals in the fruit break it down and release more juice; 3, if you don't want to drink it all at once, days later you can hack off a chunk and make a drink!

To serve it, put an ice cube or two in a glass with some soda water, and dump chunks of frozen sangria in- stir it around, it'll be almost like a slushy, a delicious refreshing, alcoholic slushy. Enjoy!

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