Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summertime in the City

So, summer in LA has its pro's and con's. The con's are things like traffic jams on the 405 (which are always there, but in the summer your car is approximately one million degrees), throngs of tourists, and hot hot weather.

But then, there are the pro's. And, one of my all time top favorites is this... (taken from my cellphone, of course, which explains the fuzziness)... the Hollywood Bowl. It has been there since 1922, and there is definitely a reason.
Why is it so awesome? let me count the ways:
1. if you take one of the shuttles that leave from all over the place, getting in and out is almost ridiculously easy, enabling you to smugly ride past the vast lines of misguided people who decided to drive.
2. sitting in the late afternoon sun picnicking with your friends is strongly encouraged
3. bringing in bottles of wine and glassware is not only acceptable, it is also strongly encouraged
4. you're in the middle of the city, but it is in such a quiet spot, you feel like you've gone somewhere special
5. then of course there is the music (this show was Feist). although, I really think it could be almost anything, and you'd still be glad you went...


John Ohab said...

I'm getting tired of this entry. Post new material.

yellowfish said...

alright, alright... there you go!


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